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    High Performance In-Circuit Tester

    • 產品名稱:High Performance In-Circuit Tester
    • 產品型號:Omega MTS 888
    • 產品廠商:digitaltest
    • 產品文檔:
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    High Performance In-Circuit Tester Omega MTS 888 The Omega is our high performance tester, which offers the highest number of test pins. ? Up to 7,040 pins ? Swiveling interface for ergonomic Operation ? Pneumatic fixture lowering

    High Performance In-Circuit Tester



    Our highly ergonomic Omega MTS 888 offers not only a healthy workstation but also an extremely high-performance test system with 7040 test pins. Here we have developed a height-adjustable and tiltable high-performance tester that allows you to construct the fixture even while the test program is being developed.

    Since each channel can be assigned to its own logic family, fixture construction is made much simpler. The in-circuit tester can also be configured as a functional tester. Here simply use our various modules, such as the frequency-time measuring unit, analog in-/output, or voltage sources.


    Maximum no. of networks


    Maximum board size (mm)



    Vacuum or cable

    System size (LxWxD)

    1500 x 860 up to 1060 (adjustable) x 750


    High pin count, high-performance tester, ergonomic

    Possible versions

    analog, hybrid & Lambda edition

    Maximum fixture pin number



    Lambda edition: real parallel testing as the solution

    Would you like to test multiple boards in parallel and save time? We have the solution: real parallel testing with the Lambda edition. With this technology you can test two or more assemblies at the same time, thereby optimizing the cycle times and shortening the test time or performing the tests using the shortest path. An ict or functional test is performed by two or more independent test heads, reducing the test time by the corresponding factor. This applies to multi-panels as well as for multiple independent single test objects.

    The Lambda edition thus reduces the test time for two objects for example by 50 percent, or 75 percent for four, and so on.

    Advantages of parallel testing

    ·        Optimizes cycle times

    ·        Small, economical test heads

    ·        Powerful, flexible software environment

    ·        Assemblies can be tested without additional effort

    ·        Low hardware costs

    ·        Takes up less space

    Boundary Scan ICT

    With our boundary scan upgrade for In-Circuit Tests (ICT) you can get the best of both testing methods worlds and achieve an optimal test strategy with maximum test coverage and reduced overall costs.

    Learn more


    The CAN-/LIN modules are standard interfaces for communication with the test object.

    Programmer Modules

    With the Programmer Modules you can make specific selections for onboard flash programming. Here we integrate for example programmers from Ertec, SMH, ProMik or Algocraft.

    IEEE-, RS232-, USB-Modules

    These functional modules have standardized PC interfaces for communicating with additional function test modules.

    PXI Devices 

    PXI devices serve as expansion modules for specific tests.

    Optical Test Modules

    The modules for optical tests can for example test LEDs, with fiber optic cables used for testing the color and intensity of LEDs.




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